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SWAT pic 2 

Lt. Nicholas Kahnke, SWAT Commander

Sgt. Ryan Zitlow & Sgt. Paul Metzger, Assistant SWAT Commanders


Established in 1981, the Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team currently has 13 tactical operators, 1 tactical medic, 6 crisis negotiators, and 2 response vehicles. The Special Weapons and Tactics Teams primary function is to respond to hazardous situations where conventional police tactics may not be adequate to resolve the matter. The priority of the Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team is to resolve crises while ensuring the safety of hostages, citizens, officers, and suspects. SWAT Team duties include securing/resolving armed barricaded individuals who may pose a threat to the public, hostage situations, high risk search warrants, high risk arrest warrants, civil disturbance, active shooter events, and dignitary protection. The Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team has twice been awarded the SWAT Team of the year honors, presented by the Wisconsin Association of SWAT Personnel in recognition for their actions in tactical call-outs.

Deputies appointed to the SWAT Team maintain high levels of competency and proficiency through monthly trainings, and continuing education and training in SWAT principles. These disciplines include tactical emergency casualty care, advanced ballistic shield training, less-lethal munitions, woodland operations, and advanced crisis negotiating.


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Negotiator Team 2019


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