Crash Team

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Lt. Christopher Dobyns, Crash Team Coordinator

The Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Office has a 4 member crash investigation team. The team consists of  the coordinator Lieutenant Christopher Dobyns; 1 reconstructionists Sergeant Ryan Zitlow and 3 crash investigators; Lieutenant Eric Halbach, Sergeant Alex Volm and Deputy Andrea Dowland. Team members are trained in crash investigation, vehicle dynamics, crash reconstruction, occupant motion and many other aspects of crash investigation. The team utilizes a Sokkia Total Station along with Pocket Zone and Crash Zone software to obtain measurements and information at the scene of a crash or crime. The crash team responds to fatal crashes, serious injury crashes and multiple vehicle crashes. The team is also called to assist the investigations unit with scene documentation.

The crash investigation unit’s role is to assist the initial investigating officers with the collection of evidence, analysis of the vehicles, determination of the sequence of events prior to and during a crash. The crash team provides data, drawings and court testimony to assist the District Attorney’s office in making decisions and prosecuting cases that resulted in serious injury or death. 

Crash Team

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