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Crime Scene Investigations

Forensic Audio Visual Lab

The lab began with a darkroom and dry area in 1984.  This area was housed in a small room, not much larger than a walk-in closet.  The current Forensic A/V Lab consists of a studio, for personnel photographs, photographing evidence of all types and sizes, as well as any other Sheriff’s Office Imaging needs.  The room is completely black from floor to ceiling which provides for full photographic light control.

There is also an adjacent computer lab room, where all of the Sheriff’s Office images are processed and stored locally, with a full off-site server for backup.  The computer lab is equipped with scanners for film as well as flatbed scanners, videotape capture equipment to convert videotape to digital files in the computer, and numerous video/DVD dubbing systems.  Prints up to 13 x19 inches are created on site for investigative and court purposes.

The A/V Lab is set up with the latest in computer technology to support the growing demands on Law Enforcement.  Images can be captured from almost any media, whether electronic or older analog, processed for optimum quality and printed out for investigators.

The Forensic A/V Lab has proven invaluable to the Sheriff’s Office, and has been crucial in developing information aiding in identifying suspects.

Evidence Lab

The Evidence Lab is part of the Forensic A/V area, and is a separate work area attached to the A/V complex.  This work area is equipped with up-to-date equipment to process evidence which is able to be brought into the lab.  In this area examinations for latent prints, and materials suitable for DNA analysis are conducted. 
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