Sergeant Paul Rottscholl

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Rottscholl, Paul 

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin at Madison with a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology, Paul Rottscholl began his career with the Sheriff’s Office in 1979 as a Correctional Officer. He served as Assistant Process Server from December 1980 until February 1981 when he promoted to the Patrol Division. In September 2001, he was promoted to Sergeant. Sergeant Rottscholl was a member the SWAT Team for over 25 years and was an Assistant Team Leader when he retired from the team in 2014. Sgt. Rottscholl has been a department Field Training Officer as well as being certified in the calibration of Preliminary Breath Testers (PBT’s). He is currently the Vice President of the Sheriff’s Office Benevolent Association. He is a member of the Boat Patrol, a Women’s Self Defense Instructor and a Unified Tactics Instructor, certified in firearms, DAAT, Simunitions, Vehicle Contacts and the Taser M26, X26 and the X26P. Sgt. Rottscholl is an avid runner and a self-defense enthusiast.

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