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On November 23, 2008, the Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Office recovered the remains of a female body.  The body was recovered in a secluded wooded area in rural Fond du Lac County.  This location is approximately half way between Fond du Lac, WI and the greater Milwaukee, WI area.

The body was clothed at the time of discovery, and was partially decomposed.  The body was clothed in blue jeans, and a black top with pink trim.  Through medical and anthropological workups the following information was determined.

The victim is a female, may be Caucasian, however anthropology suggests that she also may be of Hispanic, Asian, or Native American decent.  Height of the victim is believed to be 5 foot 1 inch, with a range of 3 inches plus or minus.  The age of the victim is 15 to 21 years old with a range of 1 or 2 years plus or minus.  The weight is estimated at 110 to 135 lbs (this is only an estimate).  The victim might also have been knock kneed or pigeon toed, based on the anthropological examination.  Hair is light brown to dark blond in color, and 12-14 inches long, with some color variation light and dark.

It is believed that the body came to this location sometime mid summer to fall of 2008.

Dental records, DNA Profile and photographs of clothing are available on request. 

All inquiries should be sent to: 

Detective Gerry Kane               (920) 929-3388

Lieutenant Cameron McGee      (920) 929-3383

Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Office Tip Line
Dial (920) 906-4777
When prompted, select mailbox # “1”

Photos of Clothing "Jane Doe" was wearing

Shirt Back


Shirt Front