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You have been sentenced to the Fond du Lac County Jail. The court has ordered you to complete the “Jail Information Packet” immediately and deposit it into the box by the Clerk of Court, 2nd floor of the City/County Building, 160 S. Macy Street. When the Jail receives the Judgment of Conviction (JOC) from the court, the Jail will contact you to schedule a report-in date, which will be within 60 days from the date of sentencing unless otherwise ordered by the judge. For additional information call:  Fond du Lac County Jail at (920) 929-3394 or the Huber Facility at (920) 929-3397

Where should I report?
Fond du Lac County Jail
63 Western Avenue
Fond du Lac, WI 54935
Map and Directions

What is Huber?
The Court may have granted the Huber privilege to work, seek employment, to attend to the needs of family members and/or attend school or treatment programs, if approved/verified by Jail Administration.
The Jail Division administers the Huber program under a strict set of rules. Your behavior and the preparations you make will determine your ability to exercise Huber privileges.


You are not allowed to consume alcohol, illegal drugs and/or unauthorized prescription medication(s) while incarcerated. You may be tested, and will be subject to disciplinary action and your Huber privileges may be suspended or revoked. You may lose good time as well. You are not allowed to take any over the counter medication without Huber Staff approval.
Medications are allowed only if in the original pharmacy container and with a current and properly labeled prescription. Multiple medications combined in one container are not allowed. Staff will verify and set up the medications, with approval from the jail’s doctor, to be delivered to you by the Huber facility staff. This will be the process for all medications during your stay at the Huber facility. Over the counter medications are not allowed to be brought in (The company which provides canteen does have some items available for order) You are not allowed to consume any medications outside of the facility or without staff’s approval. Jail medication times are 6:00am and 8:00pm. ALL controlled medications or narcotics MUST be blister packed by a pharmacy. You will only be allowed to have a 14 day supply of a controlled/narcotic medication and at the end of the 14 days the physician must re-evaluate continued need for the medication.

Health Care:
The Jail’s Medical Authority oversees all medical care of inmates incarcerated in the Fond du Lac County Jail. It will be the Medical Authority’s determination on whether a Huber inmate will be permitted to seek medical care/services/medications in the community. All inmates will be held responsible for payment of any and all medical expenses that are incurred during incarceration. This is inclusive of, but not limited to, dental and psychiatric expenses.
You have the choice of refusing any medical services or medication. However, if you choose to refuse you will need to complete a refusal form.

TB Skin Testing:
All inmates incarcerated for more than 10 days must have a TB skin test. Once you have started your sentence, within the first 10 days you can place an inmate request to set up a time to be seen by the jail nurse to administer the TB test, for a $10.00 charge. If you do not choose any of these options, you will be held in from work and required to have a chest X-ray done at your expense, and may be transported to do so.

NOTE: Be advised that once the TB skin test is placed it needs to be read by the provider in 48-72 hours.

Items allowed in the dorms from the locker room are limited - You may bring 3 pairs of socks, 3 underwear, 3 t-shirts (must be short sleeved and white) one set of thermal underwear (shirt & pants) are allowed – these ALL must be of solid color, no writing, zippers, pockets, metal and/or buttons on these items. Women may not have any underwire or padding in their bras (allowed to bring in up to 3) If employment is obtained while in custody and have no clothing for work, you may submit a request slip for approval to have someone drop off clothes for you during visits. You will not be able to go home yourself to get the clothing.

You are not allowed to have the following items in the facility:
Tobacco products or lighting materials as they are prohibited in the jail.
Glass or metal containers.
Books/magazines – the jail has a supply of these materials.
Tools, weapons, razors or aerosol sprays of any sort. No body sprays/perfumes are allowed. (Electric razors will be allowed in the locker room – not inside the dorm) Mirrors, Q-tips, condoms, air fresheners, mouthwash, dental floss and dental picks are not allowed
If you have any of these items you will be required to have the items removed from the facility by either having the items sent out on a visit, or take it out when you go out of the facility. You will have ten days to have the items removed from the facility or it will be destroyed.

Wages and Huber Board:
Huber fees are $16.00 per day or $112.00 per week. The first two weeks of Huber fees must be prepaid ($224.00) in order to exercise work release, and must remain prepaid during the entire stay. You are charged Huber fees for every day of your stay up to and including your release date. Your Huber fees must be deposited in the Jail ATM located in the Jail lobby off of Western Avenue. There is a $2.00 fee for any ATM transaction, charged by owner of the ATM. Huber fees must be deposited in your account no later than Saturday evening at 10:00 pm, unless pre-authorized by the Officer in Charge of accounts, currently CO Putz or her designee. If Huber Fees are not paid it could affect your release for employment for that week. Any debt that you owe must be paid as well. Huber officers will set up a payment plan to ensure that the debt will be paid in full before your release date. If employment is obtained while in custody Huber officers will work with you on Huber Fees. If officers have to work with you on Huber Fees you will be required to bring in your entire check each and every pay day until caught up with Huber Fees and debt payment. Failure to do so will result in termination of the job. If your release date is less than forty five days from when employment is obtained you will be required to come up with $224.00 before being allowed out to work.

In accordance with Section 303.08(3) of the Wisconsin State Statues, all cash earnings and payroll checks must be a statement of earnings and hours worked (check stubs, etc.) and must be turned over to the correctional officer upon receipt. Huber inmates will receive the balance of his/her payroll check after the Huber fees and/or court obligations (i.e. restitution, child support) have been satisfied. If you have direct deposit you still need to submit your check stub to Huber staff for verification of work hours

Per Diem (Maintenance Fee)
Each inmate sentenced to the Fond du Lac County Jail will be required to pay a maintenance fee, established by the County board resolution. The fee is $5.00 per day, for a maximum of 10 days of the sentence. Maximum amount charged is $50.00. This is an additional fee charged at the time of booking.

How do I get to work?
If reasonable, Huber inmates may be allowed to walk to work. Huber staff may require a ride for outlying areas of the city/county for appointments, etc. and if weather (extreme hot or cold temperatures) or location deems necessary.
If traveling by vehicle, the driver must have a valid driver’s license and be fully insured. You MUST provide a copy of the driver license, insurance and registration to the Huber facility. The color, make, model of vehicle, plate number and name of person must be provided. You will be allowed a reasonable amount of travel time for work. You will take the most direct route to and from your place of employment/school/appointment, and you will NOT be allowed to stop any place while enroute. You will not be allowed to socialize with family, friends or acquaintances while enroute or at work/school/child care, appointments, etc. You are not allowed to stop at or enter any places of business unless authorized by Huber staff.

If you bring your personal vehicle you will need to park it in LOT# 25 – along the north side of the parking lot. You will need to give the Huber facility the make, model, color, year and license plate number.

Employment verification:
All employment is subject to approval by the Administrative staff of the Fond du Lac County Jail and must be verified. The Jail reserves the right to deny employment when such employment affects the security, control and efficient operation of the facility. No inmate is allowed to leave the county or state at any time without court order or written approval by the Huber Work Release Supervisor, Jail Administration or designee. If employment dictates, you may be allowed out of the Huber facility up to 8 hours a day, six days a week, upon approval of the Huber facility staff, (For those who work at Quad Graphics – you will be allowed to work per your current work schedule.) Part-time employment must be approved by the Huber Supervisor. You will only be allowed to work one job while incarcerated. You will only be allowed to attend school or employment, not both, unless approved by Huber Supervisor. You will be required to immediately notify the Huber staff of any job-related or other problems so that he/she may assist you in resolving them.

Self Employed:
Must have established business for at least six months prior to being in jail. You must provide federal and state tax numbers as verification such as TAX ID or 10-99. Hours out of the facility will be limited to 8 hours a day plus reasonable amount of travel time. You may not be at a home office or another office unless authorized by Huber staff. Inmates must provide invoices or work performed with name, address and phone number where work is/was performed. Inmates must provide your whereabouts/job(s) daily to the Huber facility staff.

Child Care:
Fee is $9.00 per day. You must be pre-paid two weeks ($126.00) in order to exercise this privilege. Children must be biological children of the inmate or the inmate is the legal guardian of the children. A copy of the birth certificate(s) is required for verification. A letter from the employer of the other parent/guardian with days and hours worked is also required. A phone number to this employment and a direct supervisor must be provided for confirmation. If you are employed, you will not be allowed to do child care. The children must live at the inmate’s residence and the residence must have a landline phone. You may not leave the home while providing child care unless approved by the Huber staff. No other adult(s) may be present while an incarcerated individual is present in the home.

Job Search:
Applications for Temp Agencies and other prospective employers are available from Huber Center staff. You may be required to write a prospective employer to have an application mailed in. A family member may pick up an application, bring it to the facility during visiting hours or mail it in, whereby it be will be delivered to the appropriate individual. When the application is completed, it will be returned to the prospective employer via the same means as received. The Huber facility staff will verify such interviews, and the individual will be granted out of the facility for said interview. Employment agencies are willing to come to the Huber facility in order for inmates to fill out their application forms. This will be done weekly. In order to fill out an application, once incarcerated, fill out an inmate request slip to the Huber staff requesting the applications. The applications will be faxed to the prospective employing agencies, once a week on the weekend. If the prospective employer is requesting an interview they will contact the Huber Center to schedule a date and time. In order to participate in work, search you must have a current photo ID card and your social security card with you. You will NOT be able to phone any temp agencies. The Huber inmate must make all appointments, having friends and family contact the agencies and requesting interviews is not allowed.

Huber Transfer:
All transfer requests are handled by the Huber Supervisor. To transfer to another county jail, you must fill out and submit a request slip to Huber Supervisor Broderick.

Inmate Diversion Programs (IDP):
GPS (Global Positioning System) or SWRP (Supervised Work Release Program) –Your eligibility for an IDP will be determined by Huber Work Release Supervisor. If you want to be considered for IDP you must submit a request to Huber Work Release Supervisor to see if you are eligible for all or part of your sentence. The court has ordered Huber privilege, IDP candidates are chosen at the discretion of the jail. Further instructions will be given if determined that you qualify for IDP.

AODA Assessment:
You may be required to get an alcohol and other drug abuse assessment (AODA) as a condition of your sentence. These are scheduled through the Department of Community Programs located at 459 East 1st Street. The phone number is 920-929-3500. If you fail to schedule this appointment prior to serving your sentence you will not be allowed to schedule while in custody and will need to schedule it after you are released.

You must provide a copy of the DRIVER SAFETY PLAN ORDER to the Huber facility

 OWI Offenders – Per Wisconsin Act 100 – which took effect on July 1, 2010, requires judges to order a mandatory Ignition Interlock Device for:

• ALL repeat OWI offenders
• ALL first time OWI offenders with an alcohol concentration of 0.15% or higher
• ALL drivers who refuse to provide a breath or blood sample for a chemical test at a traffic stop

An Ignition Interlock Device is a machine that requires an alcohol-free breath sample before a car can be started. Installation of an Ignition Interlock Device must be completed within 14 days of the court order. If you need to go to DMV submit an Inmate Request Slip to Huber Supervisor.

Under Act 100, you must provide proof to the Sheriff (Huber facility) that an Ignition Interlock Device has been installed for every vehicle owned by or registered to the offender, unless vehicle is specifically exempted by the court. Huber privileges will NOT be granted if you fail to comply with this order. Ignition Interlock Device is leased from a service provider for the duration of the vehicle sanction, a minimum of 12 months. The lease and service agreement includes fees for installation, monthly service, and removal at the conclusion of the sanction. Other fees may be assessed by the service provider for periodic calibration, violation resets, or permanent lockout conditions. Even if the OWI offender does not own a vehicle, the operating privilege will be restricted. If the offender borrows, leases or rents a vehicle, it must be equipped with an IID to legally operate a vehicle.

There are currently four IID models certified for use in Wisconsin:

IID Mode                                                       Manufacturer                                                        Phone Number
Intoxalock Model 1001A                               Consumer Safety Technology, Inc.                      1-877-777-5020
Interlock XT                                                   Draeger Safety, Inc.                                             1-800-597-5054
LifeSafer FC100                                            LifeSafer Interlock                                                1-800-584-1226
SSI 20/20                                                      Smart Start, Inc.                                                    1-800-880-3394

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